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Dave Lawrence - Author of Mad About Brighton.

Brighton Pubs Bars

Brighton Pubs Bars

From spit and sawdust boozer to stripped back stylish drinking, Brighton and Hove boasts a wealth of pubs. With as nearly as many pubs in Brighton & Hove as there are days of the year, some felt this category should have been held open for longer, yknow, for research purposes.

I am a pub baby. Like most children my parents met in one. Like many of you, I grew up going to the pub with my dad and friends. As I got older, the social side of pubs became more important to me, with nights out becoming highlights. The last few months have been exploring pubs in our own city and along our coastline, to discover which ones are out best for you…. Over the past twelve months, Brighton & Hove has seen a pub renaissance.

It’s not that things were bad before, but now they are getting better, Mad About Brighton (madaboutbrighton.co.uk). Brighton & Hove has always had an ample supply of pubs to drink in. Now so many establishments are pushing the boat out, and we have a great selection of great pubs within this list (and more to come). BRAVO!. If you are looking for a pub in Brighton or Hove then look no further, BRAVO's list of Best Pubs in Brighton and Hove will be useful to you.

We provide a wide range of services and it seems that we cover many occasions, so if you don't find the pubs in Brighton or Hove that you are looking for on our list, give us a call!. Given the fact that The Good Pub Guide has only been running for a couple of years now, you might expect this list to be a little thin.  Fear not, Brighton and Hove has been getting some serious pub screentime recently - admittedly, most of it in the local rather than national news.

 Here's our pick  for 2018. It's a close call but, in the end, it is the Station which takes the prize as our pub of the year. And rightly so. The Station has reached the finals once again and, at just £11,000 to overhaul, this is a bargain compared to most of its competition. Any pub in Brighton is a good pub, right? Well, not necessarily. Over the past ten years Brighton has undergone a transformation from spit and sawdust boozer to stripped back stylish drinking.