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London To Brighton Bike Ride

London To Brighton Bike Ride

How to train for London to Brighton

Let me state right now that I’m not one of those elite athletes. I’ve never had more than 6 miles in my legs at once, and I’m normally looking for a nice lie down on my sofa when I finish my ride. But this year, I decided to take part in a new challenge, one that would push me well beyond my limits and really force me to improve my fitness. This was the inaugural London to Brighton Metric Century, a 100 mile cycling event from London to Brighton (15 miles further than Paris Brest Paris).

As a relative novice to cycling, I’ve found the training and preparation for this year’s London – Brighton Bike Ride as exciting as it is daunting, Mad About Brighton (madaboutbrighton.co.uk). I’m looking forward to the challenge of the ride itself but first I need to make sure I am in the best shape possible for it. If you're a cyclist, then you know the route London to Brighton very well. It's a staple of any cyclist's training schedule, and if you're a regular blogger who covers cycling tips, then you definitely have it on your list of posts to write about.

Running a marathon for instance, is typically around 42km. This makes the London to Brighton bike ride at 85km by comparison seem like Mont Ventoux – minus the race moto's and 24,000 of your closest friends to push you over the line.

. Best Electric Touring Bike.  If you may consider yourself a bit of a cycle tourist, check out the Bobbin Scout. It’s a cargo bike with a battery powered motor and looks every bit like a classic Dutch bike.</p><h4>The route</h4>

The London to Brighton cycle ride is an annual event, organised by the UK cycling charity Sustrans, that has been taking place since 1884. The route is long at just over 100 miles (160km). However with plenty of support and opportunities for cyclists of any ability to stop and take a break the whole thing can be completed in a day. The London to Brighton bike ride is a classic in the UK and combines a fun day out with exercise.

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