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The Best Places To Live In Sussex

The Best Places To Live In Sussex

Where to live in Sussex

The thing is that sometimes people don’t think about the best place to live in Sussex and they simply move to where they need to be, rather than where it might be best. One of the issues people have with moving is finding a place that fits their needs, so it makes sense to choose wisely. We've looked at the best places to live in West Sussex, East Sussex and Brighton and Hove. To finish off our location guides, we're looking at the best places to live in Sussex overall.

Each week, we'll seek to find the best place to live in Sussex. Let us know your thoughts on the suggestions in the comments or get in touch via email ( Email contact@madaboutbrighton.co.uk ). There are many places in Sussex to call home, but here we’re going to be looking at towns that are just outside of the big cities and towns with good transport links too. Here are my thoughts on the best places to live in Sussex, based on hard data and my experience living in the county.

The best towns inSussex

There’s no denying that Brighton and Hove are some of the best places in the county to live. After all, they took top and second place in our rankings. With sea views, green spaces and plenty to see and do, it’s no wonder people are flocking to their shores. There are other perks too, like being close to London, good schools and a thriving economy. Read on tips below for more about these top Sussex spots!.

Here are Brightons best places to live based on the quality of life survey conducted by the BBC. The survey compared 117 different areas based on weather, employment, housing, health, crime, transport and community - Brighton and Hove came out on top with amazing high scores in each area. This is just one of the great reasons why it is one of the best places to relocate to in Sussex. There are some wonderful places to live in Sussex,but which are the best?To determine this we have put together a comprehensive list of the best places to live in Sussex.

We scoured the county looking for great towns and villages and came up with this list of the only 25 places inSussex that deserve a place in your heart. Best Places to Live inSussex.  Brighton and Hove took the top two spots of best places to live in Sussex. Check out the top 25 places below,or find out more aboutBrighton and Hove. After the results were announced the Brighton and Hove Observer asked residents to rate their area, and have compiled a list of the top 25 places in Sussex.

The best villages in Sussex

As a true Sussex girl I have always been aware of the beautiful rolling countryside that is Sussex and I know many of the villages on this list are very popular attractions for visitors from around the world. They are all places that you may want to go and see at least once in your lifetime, as you may just find them quite irresistible. Old Brighton Road is the coolest street in Brighton. A gastropub, a florist and a deli are all within spitting distance of each other and it's not hard to imagine why this cul-de-sac has become such a desirable place to live.

There are just six houses on the street, which is located on the junction of Bernard Street and Lewes Road. All 3 of these villages are in West Sussex, with Fairwarp being closest to Gatwick Airport. Positioned within the beautiful South Downs National Park, the highest point in Fairwarp is only 99m above sea level, meaning that you don’t need to climb too far to get a breath-taking view over Sussex. We realize that there are 20 million villages in England, but to make the list, they had to be villages in Sussex.

Best seaside spots in Sussex

First up, we’re going to start off with some of the top city boroughs you can go for seaside living in Sussex. The most popular choice are Brighton and Hove, due to their huge population and plethora of sites and activities on offer. They also score well on price so this is something to bear in mind. Next on our list is Worthing; voted the Best British Beach in 2013 by TripAdvisor, this area offers a great lifestyle to any potential property buyer and also a great number of places to go out simply for fun or socialising with friends.

This contrasts greatly to other places to live by the sea in Sussex which have alot less things on offer. If you are searching for seaside living in our lovely county, the housing market has varied opportunities in different parts of Sussex. You can find a selection of options from coastal towns to more urban living. The market still has affordable properties that wont break the bank and also offers lots of culture within the area.

Rich in heritage, Sussex is a county of towns and villages rather than cities. The 27-mile coastline is one of England’s most picturesque, and although Brighton tends to shine as the star, this extends far beyond the city and into little towns and villages which are perfect for seaside living. If youre looking for coastal living, Sussex has plenty of choices. Heres a list of what we feel the best places to live by the sea in Sussex are, based again on the criteria we listed above (convenience, culture, affordability, etc.

). Dover -. There are many stunning places on the coast of Sussex to call home. Find out which of these beautiful locations made it into our list of best seaside spots in Sussex. We went with ". in Sussex" because getting a list of "best villages in England" was too complicated (The Cotswolds alone could occupy a top 10 spot. Maybe. ). Here is a list of the top 25 places to live in Sussex.

The top 25 overall best places to live in Sussex

It is this subjective that makes compiling a list of the best places to live in Sussex difficult. Everybody has a different idea of what the best place to live is. And as you will see in the upcoming article, there are many places that could claim to be the best in different aspects. It would be easy to compile an extensive list of good places to live across Sussex, but this would all be pretty subjective when it comes down to it and misleading.

Being based in Chichester and running this website I often get asked which is the best place to live in Sussex. I’ve created a list of what I believe to be the top 25 places to live in Sussex. Some may agree and some may disagree with the order, but there are many reasons why each place has been chosen. The most important thing is you are happy where you live. But this list aims to provide a broader perspective on the best places to live in Sussex based on actual facts and figures - rather than personal bias.

As your SEOPik Blogger, I've spent a great deal of time analysing data and making editorial conclusions on what I believe are the top 25 best places to live in Sussex. I hope you enjoy reading it!. I have chosen these places over others not necessarily by my own opinion on which is the best, but through a series of different tips, metrics and criteria. These are the places that make Hassocks worth living in.

Here are the top five towns:

Hastings, which lies about 23 miles to the east of the popular holiday town of Bexhill-on-Sea, boasts a beautiful stretch of sandy beach along the English Channel. As an added benefit, local seaside attractions are reasonably priced compared to many other parts of the UK. Land Registry data indicate that terraced houses can be purchased for an average of 221K and semi-detached properties for approximately 240K. Estate agent Savills describe Eastbourne as “a traditional English seaside resort with plenty of history…the perfect base from which to explore the south coast, the majestic South Downs and the rolling countryside of West Sussex.

” It is also a great spot for families and retirees – who are attracted by the low crime rate and good local schools. Though not as upmarket as Brighton and Hove, Eastbourne is considerably more affordable. In fact, first-time buyers have a good chance of avoiding Stamp Duty. Land Registry data indicates the average price paid for a terraced house is around 257K and for a semi-detached property is approximately 288K. For a town on the south coast, Eastbourne is comparatively affordable.

Land Registry data shows that the average price paid for a terraced house in 2015 was 257K, and for a semi-detached property is around 288K. This makes it ideal for first-time buyers who don’t want to be hit by Stamp Duty. No doubt helped by its Royal connections, including Princess Beatrice’s recent wedding, this town is home to some of the country’s most expensive countryside. The average price paid for a terraced house here is 311K and for a semi-detached property is 450K.

Rounding up the rest of the top ten:

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