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Beach Huts And Chalets

Beach Huts And Chalets

Beach huts

Beach huts are used as homes in Brighton on the south coast of England. They were first introduced in 1810. They were built on land owned by the Duke of Wellington who at that time lived at Apsley House, London. The Duke was asked to allow people to build beach huts on his land by Thomas Kemp Bourne, an artist who lived in Brighton. The term ‘beach huts’ conjures up images of wooden huts and sea side holidays.

Nevertheless, it is a mistake to confuse these with the unemotional metal boxes that can be seen on Hove’s Promenade during the summer months, Mad About Brighton (madaboutbrighton.co.uk). Bargain huts: A few beach huts are available to rent at very low prices from the council, some on the promenade and some in local parks. Beach huts. Council sites for beach huts are on Hove Promenade. Beach huts are made of wood. Fisherman's Friend and Brighton Pier Panoramic Travel. BINGO!! You have a winner.

Beach chalets

Beach chalets are bleak and basic shelters for visitors to Brighton & Hove who want a no-frills stay on the beach. Plywood walls, corrugated steel roofing and a grubby loo are the centrepiece of these huts, which also double as rescue stations during emergencies. The original huts were built at the end of the 19th century in anticipation of large crowds flocking to the resort, but they never reached their full capacity. This may be due to a rule to prevent visitors from remaining in Brighton for more than three days – unless they had a special pass.

Beach Chalets are a unique, modern take on camping which bring you closer to nature. They are located between Kings Gap and Kemp Town at five beach locations from Eastbourne to Brighton. Each beach chalet offers you a unique and relaxing holiday experience sleeping up to 6 people on one level in a double, single and bunk bed configuration. Tentsile's revolutionary Flex floor technology provides superior comfort indoors and out while being completely off the ground.

There are long term chalets for rent on fine sandy beaches at Brighton, Hove, Rottingdean, Saltdean and Seaford. These beachfront chalets include a living area with fitted kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and balcony. All the beach front chalets sleep up to four people and most are pet friendly. There are about 30 beach chalets in Brighton & Hove for year-round hire, and approximately 5 more in Eastbourne and Bournemouth. Each is named with the first letter of its location: for example, Wannock, West Pier and Wish Tower.


You may place beach huts anywhere on our beaches. The only restriction is you must have a valid licence to do so. You may not charge to stay in the beach hut, but you can hire it out if you are willing to pay the licence fees. Councillors decided to introduce licences as part of ongoing efforts to protect our beaches and make sure people use them in a responsible way. Technically you don’t need a licence if you read the terms and conditions.

But there is no need to go there, just get a licence. we can't put it any simpler. For not much more than the price of a beach hut itself you can have licence to have a hut on your site without any threat of being kicked off or shut down. We grant licences for you to place a beach hut on a site, as long as it is in accordance with the main site ownership.

We're not saying that your site must continue to be published on the internet, but it has to stay online while the licence is valid. I had an idea the other day. We are not the only guys on the beach facing competition, so we’ve got to be competitive. Our beach hut is a licence to occupy a site for the client for a given period of time. We call it The Callum Davies Licence.

Once you have installed your beach hut you may want to use it on numerous sites. This licence grants you the rights to do exactly that. We grant licences to use a beach hut in your project. In Brighton, Hove & District we have many visitors that want something different from the normal hotel / guest house experience. That’s why we opened up space in some of our chalets for people to use as holiday lets.

Paint codes

If you live in England and own a beach hut, you may have noticed them all look the same. Every few months, somebody comes around painting your beach hut the same color. The paint code system is old as dirt and was once used to make sure Redcoats knew which huts to avoid during the C19th and C20th smuggling boom . If you want a beach hut, or add-on to your property, Blueprints will be produced.

There are specific rules for the painting of your beach hut. These plans must be passed by a design and advisory panel before you can get started with the building. Here are some simple suggestions that will help make your beach hut more easily identifiable and a little less likely to cause panic in the event of an emergency. Paint Codes. Paint codes. There are specific rules for the painting of your beach hut. Here they are:.

Pay your beach hut licence

A beach hut licence is a legal requirement, however it is widely ignored by beach hut owners regardless of the consequences. Scenic Beach now manages the issuing of these licences on behalf of the council. Your action could help us to enforce the licence and get beach huts who are not licensed off our beaches to make way for licensed huts. ". To protect your investment and ensure the use of your beach hut you are required by law to pay a licence fee.

The annual charge is based on the number of bedrooms in your beach hut. Two people sharing one bedroom will pay less than two people sharing one bedroom. If you are a beach hut owner, it is important that you check whether you need to pay a licence fee to the Council. If so, your local authority can provide details of where and how to pay and also help to work out how much the fee should be.

U. K. 's first online licence payment platform is now available. Manage your beach hut details anytime, anywhere. Keep track of costs & change details quickly and easily. In order to use and occupy a beach hut, you must have a licence allowing you to do so. The licence is issued by us at Eastbourne Borough Council. Information on paying your beach hut licence fee online. Paint codes. There are specific rules for the painting of your beach hut.

Buying and selling beach huts

In the summer months, along the East Coast of England, from as far north as Norfolk down to the southern end of Kent, people come out of their homes and buy or sell their beach huts. This is done privately; you do not go to the local parish council and announce that you want to be excused rates in exchange for a beach hut.  Nor do you turn up at your local town hall accompanied by a large number of witnesses carrying enough cash to satisfy the RPO (Resident Properties Officer).

If you decide to buy a beach hut you should check that no legal rights prevent you from erecting your own shed on the beach. These may be attached to land at one end (the neck), or they may run parallel with the shore to a distance of around 22 metres, at which point they turn at right angles and continue in a line parallel to the shore. Beach huts for sale or rent are advertised in the local press.

The advert might give details about discounts for permanent residents and other concessions, so read the small print carefully before deciding to buy or rent a beach hut. Beach huts are classified as ‘household chattels’ so do not fall into the purchase of a residential property. People who want to buy a beach hut would either advertise in the local press or speak to estate agents in the area. Explore the many unusual ways of buying and selling on this peninsula, from beach huts to boats! There are many different types of hut and boat for sale in Fife:.

Beach chalet waiting lists

We have lots of beach chalets to rent throughout the winter - we close the waiting-list at this time every year. If you're not on the waiting list, then there is nothing we can do. However, if you know for certain that you will be moving to Brighton or Hove in January 2016 and would like to join our waiting list, please send us an email .  We may be looking to open the waiting list again for new residents later in 2015.

In the meantime you can ask for a Brochure and an application form at the Brighton & Hove Tourist Information Centre in Churchill Square, or download and complete an application form from our website.  For further information about renting a beach chalet contact our Beach Chalets Helpline on Call 0 or email Email contact@madaboutbrighton.co.uk . The beach chalet waiting list will reopen on Monday 15th September 2018 for Brighton & Hove residents only. We will then give all residents a week to submit a booking request, applications received after this point will not be considered.

All of our beach chalets are let at the moment and the waiting list for Brighton & Hove residents to rent a beach chalet is currently closed. However you can apply to rent a beach chalet in another city through the Trust's website. We have a short waiting list for Brighton residents to rent beach chalets. Beach huts do not go through any official public land sales process and are never advertised.  The buyer has to contact the owner directly.

Beach chalet rents

On 28 May 2016 the Lease was altered to incorporate an option to vary the licence agreement. This was triggered on 15 April 2017 prior to the expiry of the fixed five year term. The current Licence Fee is £1. 31 million per annum, exclusive of VAT and insurance costs. In addition, in accordance with the terms of the Lease, there is a Service Charge which is payable monthly in advance. The beach chalet agreements are for a fixed 5 year period.

We require an initial payment of 20% to confirm the reservation with the balance of 80% payable at completion of each phase. The Licence Fee is reviewed annually every April based on standard updating criteria, current market rent and landlord valuation. Villa on Roquetas de Mar 105 kilometres from Malaga, Andalusia. A 5 year licence agreement is available for 80,000 euros p. a. (subject to VAT). There are 20 Beach Chalet locations along the coast in Brighton & Hove:.