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London To Brighton Bike Challenge

London To Brighton Bike Challenge

How Fit Do I need to be to join a Level 2.5 Bike Ride?

Before you get signed up, here are a few important things to keep in mind: 1. You must be fit! This is not an easy ride. there are some long hills and thick mud on the bridleways. 2. You must have your own bike and equipment (helmet, lights etc. ) 3. A moderate level of fitness should be ok - there's a risk assessment to complete and I'll be checking that carefully. There will be an element of route choice at the beginning which will help you decide if its suitable for you or not.

4, Mad About Brighton (madaboutbrighton.co.uk). Gender Ratio - there is a 50/50 split on this ride aimed at beginner cyclists. 5. The pace will be slower than my usual ride as I want people to enjoy it. Bike riding is just as much about the journey as the destination. Part of the reason we go out on bike rides is to experience the surroundings. The other is physical exercise. It has been proven that cycling is one of the best ways to get fit, and can be a great way to lose weight.

You should have a reasonable level of physical fitness. You should be accustomed to continuous physical exercise in your leisure time, including participation in sports and long bicycle rides. You must have an ideal weight for height and age. While these not-quite-ultra long rides are primarily intended for people who have already signed up to an IQ2US event, it is also possible to join in - and ride your own bike if you prefer. We are offering a large, comfortable, independent flat in central London with secure underground parking.

Included In Trip

Join experienced and first-aid trained cycling leader, Robbie Katterjohn as he escorts you through the beautiful Blue Mountains. You can expect smooth roads where you can really get into a rhythm with the bike, smooth hills to climb to some stunning views, and mostly flat roads for a pleasant ride back along the Hawkesbury River. Robbie has years of experience riding in the Blue Mountains. He enjoys cycling for sport and recreation. The famous R3V Circuit in the Northern Drakensberg of KwaZulu-Natal.

You will cycle through lush indigenous forests, spectacular mountain passes, traditional villages and farms with a professional mountain biking guide. Minimum two riders, maximum 20 riders per trip. Unique circuits using closed public access roads only used for the R3V tour. Taking on mixed terrain, the scenic Saronno–Porlezza railway is a unique cycle ride that’s part of the National Cycle Network. The historic rail tracks, which you’ll follow until Moltrasio, take you through the green heart of Valtellina.

Experienced & first-aid trained cycling leader. Support vehicle with first aider, mechanical back-up, spare parts, and refreshments. Lunch.  Free Cancellation up to 2 days before departure. Situated on the very prestigious Embassy Gardens development, the property is close to many local amenities and offers 4167 sq ft of attractive indoor and outdoor communal space. There are two annual events on closed roads in Sussex, organised by Brighton and Hove M. C. C. (BHMC), with the support of The Automobile Association .

Excluded From Trip

Better by Design are delighted to announce the second edition of their international, game-changing innovation conference, Betterfest 2016 . The conference will be held in Barcelona at the Atrium Hotel and during the course of one unforgettable weekend you will learn from world-leading experts how you can get some serious  bang for your buck. It doesn’t matter if you are an experiential designer, creative director, innovation expert or a business strategist. You will walk away from this year’s Betterfest with a renewed sense of confidence and a fresh perspective on what is possible in today’s increasingly competitive global market.

". Hey guys, Its been a few weeks since the trip. People have got back and we're all getting used to the change again. I was thinking about our trip in advance and how much we were taken care of. It all started with the accommodation at Serendipity Hotel. It had everything we needed: food, transport to place, and even some excursions. Some people complained about the wifi but it's Bangkok so that's kinda expected.

As for an introduction to Thailand, this place did it for me as it was cheap and convenient. Next came the Land Trip . I’ve previously given live seminars in the U. S, Canada, Malaysia, Indonesia and Philippines. I loved the conferences and meeting new people in person. I want to do it again this year but this time in Europe. However, I can't do it without your help. Not only will your pledge get you one of my books as a reward, you'll also have a fun evening out with fascinating guests from around the globe.

I only had to wait about 5 minutes before I was greeted to a sea of unfamiliar faces and a plethora of over-enthusiastic people. Introductions were brief, and we were herded to the edge of the hotel’s parking lot where they had set up a makeshift "processing area" for check-in. They gave us a brief overview of how the weekend would be run, and then we sat down in an assembly line fashion. Excluded from Trip is a series of articles that discusses the things you do before a trip that may exclude you from the trip itself, Snacks are your food - you have to bring it and Food is obviously for the stomach, but it's also for the mind.

Equipment Required

If you’re an experienced ice climber you’ll probably want to look elsewhere. If, however, you’re new to the climbing scene (and/or all vertical sports) and looking to get yourself some winter gear so that you can climb then this article is for you. Every year I hear about a new tragic accident in the mountains involving some people who’d thrown a rope around their waist and set off up a frozen waterfall. They were fully prepared to climb, but the one thing they hadn’t considered was safety equipment.

And so they fell — and probably died — because sometimes man just isn’t as clever as nature. The chances of dying from an incidental mishap such as falling are. If you want to get into the video game, you’ll first have to buy the equipment. This can range from simple to complex and expensive. It’s important that you have a basic understanding of the equipment required for a video game before you even start looking at how much it costs.

This post will cover the basic pieces of equipment required for a video game console so you can make a decision on which system works best for your home. Explains what each item is required to play and how much they cost (ex: memory cards), how many players require access, and what type of menu model is used. Translate to Transport-a head. Are you planning to visit Athens? Your stay here can be improved with a variety of different activities and events.


Weather- This time of year is likely to be warm with occasional showers. There could be the odd hot, sunny day but for the most part it should be a warm weather event. Consequently, you need to bring both products/equipment to protect from hot sun and also to protect in case it rains. It isn’t expected to be cold enough at this time of the year for raincoat, gloves or hat. When the hot weather comes, you should consider upgrading your gear.

You'll probably be working in front of your computer screen most of the time so it's worth investing in an air-conditioner. If you don't have a fixed budget for buying some gear, make sure that you buy something which will comfort you to use it and help you to produce quality and quantity work. Over the years, we have collected a comprehensive range of products that provide complete protection from the elements. Selected to withstand exposure to sun, rain and wind on all terrains.

Each item is designed to deliver optimum performance allowing you to focus your energy on the task at hand. We all knew the forecast was showing sunshine and blue skies, but I’m sure we were all thinking, “Yeah right. ” It had started off as predicted, but what normally happens? The sun comes out and then it starts raining. Whether it’s the hot desert sun or the rain, it's always a good idea to over prepare; It would be a shame to have someone drop out of the campaign due to sunburn and/or hypothermia!.