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Trains To Brighton

Trains To Brighton

How to find cheap train tickets to Brighton

Train fares from London to Brighton are ridiculously expensive. If you fancy dipping your toes in the fun sea of seaside entertainment but don’t want to spend a small fortune, then we would highly recommend finding cheap train tickets to Brighton. Using the right techniques and keeping a few tricks up your sleeve is the essential way for you to save cash whether you’re looking for cheap train tickets from London or cheap train tickets anywhere else in the UK.

If you are looking to travel down to Brighton from London, there is nothing worse than being quoted a horrendous price for your rail ticket, Mad About Brighton (madaboutbrighton.co.uk). I know because this was our story. We went through the process of trying to find a cheap train ticket in vain, time and time again. Then we got sick of it, and spent time finding out how to get the best deal. I am someone who has spent the last year or so getting to know UK rail travel like the back of my hand.

After years of paying astronomical prices for train tickets, I soon realised that there is a totally different way of booking cheap train tickets to Brighton. This article details how you can save yourself money everytime you travel by train. Finding the cheapest Brighton train tickets doesn’t need to be a chore. Whether you’re planning a visit over the summer, or are looking to spend a weekend away during winter, there are a number of ways you can get cheap Brighton train tickets.

Travelling from London to Brighton

London is one of the most visited cities in Europe, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to get there! Millions of visitors come to Great Britain every year for business travel, holidays and other purposes. One of the main benefits of travelling to this destination is an immense range of things to see, from Buckingham Palace and Westminster Abbey to Tower Bridge or Westminster Cathedral.   Useful tips:   Generally, the most popular way to reach London by train is by using National Rail website.

If you're travelling season ticket holders on Southern Trains, TfL Rail services or London Overground Lines are eligible for a discount c ontactless card that you can use both on trains and in all National Rail stations.   Today, I. You can take a train from London to Brighton in about 1h 28m, with one change in Lewes. The fastest journey is at 12:46, arriving at 15:14 (1h 28m), leaving you plenty of time to spend a few hours in Brighton if you like.

Appropriately named High Speed Trains run this service from London Victoria, which reach their destination in just under an hour every day of the week. To get to Brighton from London Victoria on a Friday evening will cost you around £35 for a single ticket. During the weekend, it’s possible to find advance ticket prices as low as £17 for a single ticket. If you are looking for a fancy train service to Brighton, you will probably be disappointed.

A typical service from London to Brighton involves older trains with fewer (or no) catering facilities. Don’t expect Wi-Fi access or onboard entertainment either – it’s not on offer! The cheapest fares are usually found on services that depart around 07:00 and 12:00, but it can pay to be flexible with your departure time. Have you ever wondered if there are cheaper train tickets to Brighton, than the ones currently available? If you're a student or under 26, the cost of travel can be extortionate, but we've explored an alternative.

Popular train journeys to Brighton

I love travelling by train. I would get one every day to work if it was reasonable. Unfortunately, travelling from London requires me to go Victoria to Brighton which takes around one and half hours and costs anywhere between £18-£27 return in 2011. That’s why I’m listing popular train journeys to Brighton for anyone who wants to make a trip from different places in UK. Hello and welcome to this guide for travelling by train from London or the surrounding areas to Brighton.

In this guide I will let you know all the key points for travelling from London, including the best places to park, examples of the different train routes and times in several formats (some mobile devices). Travelling by train is practical and comfortable; even if you are travelling with children. Brighton station offers facilities to make your journey as streamlined and relaxing as possible. With an extensive range of shops, cafes and bars there is no excuse not to have time for a coffee during your journey.

Visiting Brighton

The pier has been rebuilt many times, most recently in the 1950s. At 1,841m long, it's Britain’s longest pleasure pier. Its building is now controlled by the 2090 Trust, a charitable trust that aims to safeguard and enhance Brighton Pier for future generations. There is no passing through toll for pedestrians at Brighton Pier, but donations are welcome to help cover operating costs and keep the pier in good repair. There is a smaller number of people, however, that know Brighton for its bars and clubs.

Located in the old Tudor fishing village of Brighthelm, the town has a history stretching back to Roman times while more recent history has been shaped by the development of the Pier and Golden Mile. These two features have defined both the town's character as well as its atmosphere and nightlife. The newly-refurbished Brighton Pier is not only a top attraction for tourists but also for locals. In summer the pier is filled with music and laughter and it is like one big party.

The fairground rides are guaranteed to delight both young and old, while the many different games arcades will entertain even the most challenging gaming fiends!. Whether you’re planning your first trip to the popular seaside resort, or are a regular visitor and are looking for family attractions, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for here. We’ve rounded up some of the festivities happening this summer, including food festivals and competitions. Despite its popularity, many people living and working in the city rarely visit Brighton Pier.

I recently had the opportunity to bring my family with me to the seaside town to see what is on offer and how this traditional seaside attraction can be used for a working bee. The pier is also adjacent to the boating lake, which is home to two hundred and fifty gondolas and other boats. The fleet of boats are licensed by Brighton & Hove council, and provide a cheap way for regular visitors to travel around the town.

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2. Book tickets to Brighton in advance

One tip for you: if you want to really find a good price for your return ticket, plan in advance but dont decide on the train companies until about 2 weeks before the start of your holiday. They often offer special offers, so it can be great to get both the cheapest and best service. Back in 2013 I got a return ticket from London to Brighton for just £6 return. You can see an example of one of these offers here:.

While Brighton train station is directly outside the famous West Pier, you may not want to go this route on your big day. It can be very difficult to get buses in both directions and it can take a lot of time. Instead, we recommend that you take the beautiful and relaxing 15-20 minute walk along the sea front to The Lanes, where Brighton & Hove Buses (Buses in Brighton) will deliver you straight to our door!.

There are also plenty of last minute deals available that you can get by booking on a day-by-day basis. For example, you could end up spending £50 for a single ticket or as little as £15 for a return depending on your journey.  So, for example, if you are only going for two nights and know timings, try searching the web to find the cheapest tickets. Scandinavia’s leading train app. During 2015 70 million people in Europe downloaded their iOS or Android app.

3. Travel during Off-Peak times

If you haven't tried Off-Peak travel on one of our trains before, we bet you'll be hooked. You can travel any day of the week at Off-Peak times as long as your ticket is booked in advance and these tickets are clearly marked in our journey planner. The best part of travelling during Off-Peak hours is that the trains will have more space so you can stretch out, and there will be less people around to take up an armrest.

Off-Peak times are generally outside of weekday rush hours, which can be the busiest times to travel. For example, Off-Peak trains run between 16:00 and 19:00 Monday to Friday. It's best to plan your trip in advance so that you can take advantage of your rail ticket discounts, especially if you're planning on travelling in a group and are thinking of buying return train tickets or rail travel tickets for a group . Heading to Brighton this summer for a beach party or festival? You’ll save on train travel if you can avoid the bank holiday weekend (August 25 - 29).

Simply aim to travel at an Off-Peak time so that you can get the best advance ticket prices – and even combine Off-Peak train tickets with other offers. Here are some other tips for getting there on the cheap:. There are so many ways to travel to Brighton and save money! Start by planning ahead, be flexible on your travel dates and use the Trainline app to track your journey. You can even get email alerts when there’s an offer on where you’re travelling from with the Trainline Dashboard update.

It may also save you. Off-Peak time travel is cheaper, but not everyone wants to get up at 5am to catch a train to London. Whilst i will do everything I can to make sure you can find the best way to get to Brighton, you can also give yourself an even bigger discount by being more flexible with your travel times. You’re probably wondering what ‘Off-Peak’ time means. Well its a specific period during the day when ticket prices are cheaper, to encourage people to travel outside of this part of the day.

4. Travelling as a group? Use GroupSave

Generally speaking, you need to travel on the same train, at the same time, from the same starting point. However, if a group is travelling together, separate tickets can be bought at the same time via online or telephone booking. This will apply the GroupSave discount to your booking and you'll all end up saving 34% (check exact savings on our website) off your rail fares. The idea of GroupSave was inspired by train journeys I made with my university friends.

We were travelling as 6, but felt that it was too expensive when we looked online at all the individual fares. Then one of us noticed that you could save up to 1/3 on a group booking. This is how we decided to save money – buy the tickets together and book them one by one. 200,000 of them were Norwegian. 1000,000 active users every week. 155 million downloads worldwide in 4 years!. We are Europe's leading train and coach app, which means we help customers across Europe make more than 172,000 smarter journeys every day.

Which train companies run trains to Brighton?

There are several services that run from London to Brighton. Surrey is a county located in the south east region of England, and has one main railway station serving The Lanes, namely London Victoria. Several trains depart from London Victoria to Brighton every hour, with a journey time of just under an hour and a half. The Southern and Gatwick Express are both popular train companies that run frequent trains to Brighton. A single train ticket from London Victoria to Brighton costs around £16, and only takes 58 minutes.

 There are also number of direct trains from Brighton to other UK towns, including Manchester, Cambridge and Oxford. How do I get to Brighton?. As you can see from the list there are a number of ways to get to Brighton by train.  It depends what is your destination and how you wish to travel. Southern Railway offer services from London Victoria, London Bridge, Blackfriars and Charing Cross. The Gatwick Express leaves from Victoria and operates up to twice an hour during peak times, non-peak times may not be so frequent.

How can I get cheap train tickets to Brighton?

So you’re thinking about going to Brighton on the train, but want to know how much it would cost to get there. And where to buy cheap train tickets. Thankfully, its quite easy to do this and this short article will give you all the options and information which is needed so you can plan your Brighton trip properly. How can I get cheap train tickets to Brighton?.  Its easy to grab yourself cheap train tickets to Brighton.

We recommend using a Railcard, buying your ticket inadvance or travelling during Off-Peak hours if you can. Read our cheap train tickets guide to find out more. Cheap train tickets to Brighton. Its easy to grab yourself cheap train tickets to Brighton. Wed recommend using a Railcard, buying your ticket inadvance or travelling during Off-Peak hours if you can. Read our cheap train tickets guide to find out more. Because of the high demand for Brighton day tickets on National Rail its difficult to snare a cheap train ticket in advance.

Just make sure you buy your ticket in adavnce and travel off-peak when possible. :-). Thameslink's Brighton services run from Brighton stations mainline, also known as London Bridge and St. Pancras only. There are two train stations in Brighton, namely the main Brighton Train Station and Patcham Train Station. The main train station is more frequently served by a number of trains companies. In the UK there a number of train operating companies on offer whose trains run to Brighton.

Are trains running to Brighton?

What’s the quickest way to get to Brighton?  Train is the best option here. You can get to Brighton within 50 minutes by train. A train will take you directly from London Bridge station during this time. Trains run frequently almost every day to Brighton, although there may be less services during the weekends and bank holidays. Check our live train times for up-to-date information on trains to Brighton. Although Brighton was founded as a fishing village, it has always had links to London, which are evident today with the presence of many London train times.

Trains run frequently almost every day of the week to Brighton, although there may be less services during the weekends and bank holidays. Check our live train times for up-to-date information on trains to Brighton. Are trains running to Brighton?  Blimey, you've got me there. I knew that I needed to get back to Brighton as soon as possible. Train tickets were much a cheaper option than a plane ticket and a lot easier too.

Getting to Brighton

Getting around can be a challenge, especially if you’re travelling to a new location. So, having an easy and hassle-free way of getting to Brighton shouldn’t be undervalued. At Viking Seagull, we pride ourselves on being reliable, and up to date with all the latest information about getting to Brighton. Are there any cost-effective ways of reaching your destination? Are there a lot of bus stops and railway stations available for you to get around?.

Getting to Brighton has never been easier thanks to National Express, Mad About Brighton (madaboutbrighton.co.uk). No matter if you have a busy schedule or just need a break, we can help you get there. Then, once you’ve reached your destination, we’ll make sure that getting around is quick and easy so that you can truly relax and enjoy your time away. Getting to Brighton need not be tricky. From our collection of top-notch hotels, to the transportation links we provide, you're set up for a carefree trip so you can enjoy all that our great city has to offer.

Whether you wish to hire a coach to get you across the pond, or prefer something a little slower like a ferry or hovercraft. We’ll help you get to Brighton smoothly and safely. Whether you are visiting Brighton for the day or staying with us for longer, we have a lot of information to help you make the most of your visit. Why not take advantage of some cheap tickets with Railcard. co. uk?. Check our live train times for up-to-date information on trains to Brighton.

Buying tickets

You may have to change train at London Bridge or Blackfriars. Both of these stations have ticket office windows where you can buy single tickets for other destinations, plus full route walk-up tickets and season tickets. They are open Monday to Friday 06:00 – 21:00 and Saturday 07:30 – 19:00  (until 20:00 at weekends). Tickets can be bought directly from the driver on board the train. If you want to buy an off-peak day return from train drivers then it's cheaper if you buy a through ticket to your destination, then pay £5 each way as a passenger at the ticket office or ticket machine in the station before joining your outward train.