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Travel To Brighton

Travel To Brighton


Though Brighton is England’s largest seaside resort, a walk along its pebbly beach will hardly make you think of Blackpool or Southend. The pebbles here are pinkish-gold, reflecting the light from the west and drawing attention to the shoreline. Brighton is a city on a beach – a city full of little coves and inlets that you can sail into on a boat trip from one of many piers;  a city with an old town that is barely revealed behind dense rows of packed houses and shops;  a city whose first suburbs grew up beside its famous race course and are still associated with wealth today.

Welcome to Brighton, Mad About Brighton (madaboutbrighton.co.uk). A lush green and beautiful coastal resort just East of London is a holidaymaker’s paradise! Brighton offers plenty of fun and exciting things to do from indulging in sizzling nightlife and fine dining, or admiring the fascinating local sights such as the oldest pleasure pier in England. If you live in London then chances are you will have heard of Brighton before if not been there yourself. It is like an extension of the London borough of Croydon and therefore commuting to Brighton is very easy.

It is an attractive place to visit and there are some great places to eat, sleep and drink. There are great savings on off-peak and super off-peak fares to and from Brighton on Southern trains. If you book well in advance for most London to Brighton trains, a return ticket can cost as little as £17. 80 (this is an off-peak return, booked one minute prior to departure). I chose this because it is a call to action which gives value.

For people who are trying to find places to go in Brighton, they don't need to look much more than a few keywords and the picture that I have included. It sells itself. Southern train services from London Victoria to Brighton are operated by the South Western Railway Company. When travelling on Southern, there are two main types of train you can take to Brighton, they are:. I could go when I wanted and leave when I wanted - fantastic!.

Getting to Brighton

It doesnt matter if you are looking for a trip to Brighton for the day, a weekend trip to the Lanes or just an airport ensure, we have the service for you. You can even choose your own travel date and find out if we have any discount codes online. Our transport services also take care of all your luggage from start to finish, so all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the ride.

Here at National Holidays we’re committed to helping you get to Brighton and more besides. We have a variety of destinations available including: Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds and Glasgow, parts of Europe such as Paris, Amsterdam and Rome, the beauty of the UK with Edinburgh and Cardiff trips to name but a few. We know that Brighton days out should be as enjoyable and stress-free as possible. Thats why we operate a number of regular services to this fantastic city - so you can spend more time planning what activities to do, and less time worrying about the travel.

The Southern line train from London Victoria takes you directly to Brighton in 90 minutes. Our trains are clean, modern and air-conditioned (which we know is an absolute must in the summer months). Our coaches and minibuses are always modern, clean and comfortable. We have lots of space for luggage, cycles and surfboards - so you can travel to Brighton safely, on budget and with ease. Are trains running to Brighton? Trains run frequently almost every day to Brighton, although there may be less services during the weekends and bank holidays.

Things to do in Brighton

Youll find a dizzy collection of events and attractions , from the intimate and theatrical to the spectacular . Youll find artists displaying their works in one of the artistic hubs dotted around town or get an insight into the history of the town with a trip to one of the many museums. Brighton is also a seaside resort which means that if youre not busy working your way through the vibrant nightlife, you can combine it with some serious fun in the sun.

Brighton is a coastal city in England with staggering views from its multitude of piers. Its seaside promenade, referred to locally as the Lanes, are filled with quaint shops and restaurants that youre sure to find something to suit your tastes. The North Laine area of town is home to some of the best specialty stores in the area. Malls also abound – Churchill Square and Western Road Shopping Centre are family favourites. Brighton is a city that offers plenty of things to do, and if youre just visiting (or even if you live here) youll want to make sure you take advantage of everything this place has to offer.

Whether it be in the day or at night, there are plenty of activities to meet whatever mood or need you have. So go ahead and take a look at what Brighton has to offer. The Royal Pavilion and its extravagant Oriental-themed interior is one of Brighton’s most famous attractions. The stylish pavilion was built as a seaside retreat for George IV. Even though the prince never actually visited (he disliked seafront towns), the building was moved from its original site on London’s Hyde Park due to its proximity to .

Buying tickets

Most ticket machines allow you to load an Oyster card value with funds sufficient for the journey. You can only purchase season tickets from a ticket machine or ticket office. Staffed offices and machines at stations may not display Oyster balance at all. ~Traveling by train is a great way to get around Italy, but you need to be prepared. If you do not already have a rail pass, check out the different types that could suit your needs:.

For times when you are running short on time, you can also buy tickets from a staffed ticket office or machine as you board the train. You can travel on direct services but peak travel may require a change of train or the use of bus and coach connections. Timetables will give you the times for that particular day. A printed timetable is on display at the station. You can buy online, collect from a ticket machine at a station or buy at the ticket office.

Cheap Tickets to Brighton

How to find the best deals on Brighton car hire? If you are on a business trip, holiday or just need to go somewhere urgently, car rental is something that you might want to look into. Rather than not having your own car, you can rent it for some time and use it when you need it. A lot of people think that hiring a car can be quite expensive. Even though the prices can vary depending on what company you choose, usually if you are organised enough and stick to the tips below, then hiring a car in Brighton doesn.

Cheap train tickets in Brighton…they’re everywhere! Well, not really. Actually, they only exist if you buy a railcard. Sure, there are some advanced tactics that can get you cheaper prices offered by the train companies themselves but these will require some research and preparation to make them worthwhile. With the rise of online ticket booking however, the necessity for these tactics are diminished as accessing cheap tickets is much easier than it used to be.

The UK is a large destination for tourists, and being the best it has to offer. With a budget accommodation with cheap flights from everywhere into the city of Brighton, it is a winner of any UK case. There are some good reasons for that. Firstly, this place is an ideal town-break destination. It also has a working port, making it the largest in the UK in fact, so maybe there's something about departing from there to other destinations?.

Cheap Tickets to Brighton, or any city for that matter. There's always a popular train ticket website and an unpopular one and the difference can be as much as £20 per ticket. Best of all you don't need to be on a train to book in advance, in fact you can book the day before and save £19 that way – these savings are even higher if your travel date falls on a weekend or bank holiday.

One of my favorite cities in the UK is Brighton. It’s vibrant, the people are lovely and I always feel relaxed whenever I visit. One of the best ways to get to know a city is by walking around and exploring, and Brighton is no different. When I last visited I spent hours just walking from one end of the city to another. All those pubs in between were just a bonus!. Fancy a weekend in the seaside of Brighton? You’ll need a railcard for that.


Once the unofficial capital of the UK, Brighton is a hotspot for tourists from all over the world. The fantastic beach, pier and many museums attract people from far and wide. A major historical town in England, Brighton has been inhabited since the Bronze Age by prehistoric man. Attracted by the fishing prospects along the coast or just the more modern attractions – there’s always something to do in Brighton!. I’m a firm believer that in order to truly experience a new city and culture, you should allow yourself to be immersed in the local citizenry.

Seeing the sights can only get you so far. Leaving the city limits will put you on the path of wisdom and history, but only if one is willing to immerse themselves in all there is to do in Brighton. Brighton is a great place to visit for those who appreciate the sea and natural beauty. If you’re looking for an off-the-beaten-path tourist destination, Brighton is the answer. Not only are things more affordable in Brighton, but it also offers more than many of the other ‘touristy’ towns located on the English Channel.

Wondering what to do in Brighton, the quirky capital of the south coast. From a bucket list of things to do in Brighton for free, to food, to nightlife and party venues – and a handy guide on where to stay-, there are plenty of suggestions here. I've been told that 'there's always something going on in Brighton'and I now know what they mean. Whether it be a fun day out with the family or a romantic weekend away, there's always something to see and do in Brighton.